NIRH Action Fund Endorses Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President

Contact: Tara Sweeney, [email protected], 917-488-0094
September 29, 2020

NIRH Action Fund PAC endorses candidates across New York for state office

New York – The National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund and NIRH Action Fund PAC today released their voter guide for the presidential race and New York congressional and state legislative seats. The voter guide lists candidates running for office in 2020 and notes their stances on abortion access, and whether NIRH Action Fund or Action Fund PAC has officially endorsed them.

“There is no doubt that Donald Trump has been an unequivocal disaster for this country,” said Andrea Miller, President of the NIRH Action Fund. “His response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been deadly, he has stoked racism and xenophobia at every turn, and he has led the charge to dismantle and deny reproductive health, rights, and justice. From his first devastating days in office, he has used the power of his office to deal crushing blows to decades of social, economic, environmental, and civil rights advances — and to explicitly harm women, Black, immigrant, Indigenous, trans, and poor people across the country. That is why the NIRH Action Fund is proud to endorse Joe Biden for President and Kamala Harris for Vice President. We need to elect leaders that can move the nation forward.”

Vice President Biden has outlined plans to address the most pressing inequities that we face as a nation. When it comes to reproductive health care, he put his full weight behind passing and protecting the Affordable Care Act, ensuring health care access for people with preexisting conditions, and increasing access to birth control and other preventive care for women. He has also come to embrace repealing the Hyde Amendment, which denies millions of people insurance coverage for abortion, effectively pushing that care out of reach.

Senator Harris has proven her leadership on a broad range of progressive issues, including on abortion access by championing policies from protecting abortion providers who are under attack to boldly speaking out to repeal Hyde.

In urging voters to support the Biden-Harris ticket, the NIRH Action Fund also recognizes that voters cannot rely on the federal government alone to protect our fundamental rights, including the ability to access abortion. State legislatures, too, have immense and critical power to safeguard our rights and health, which is why, in New York State, the NIRH Action Fund PAC has endorsed a long slate of progressive candidates who will protect recent wins, such as the Reproductive Health Act, and continue to advance reproductive freedom.

“2020 will be New York’s first general election since the New York legislature passed the Reproductive Health Act,” said Danielle Castaldi-Micca, Vice President for Political and Government Affairs, NIRH Action Fund. “And we’re working to ensure that New York’s champions for reproductive freedom are protected, while we elect even more candidates across the state who will advance the progressive issues, including access to abortion, that New Yorkers hold dear.”

In addition to making endorsements, the NIRH Action Fund is working in other key states this year, including the battlegrounds of Arizona and Pennsylvania to elect champions with an expansive vision for reproductive freedom, and in strongholds like New York and New Mexico to re-elect champions who will fight to ensure that we can continue to improve upon our laws and protect every person’s ability to control their bodies, lives, and futures.


The National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund is an advocacy group that builds political power for reproductive freedom. We partner with allied groups in states and cities to elect candidates who stand up for everyone’s right to control their reproductive lives, and work with elected officials to protect and advance reproductive rights. Our strategy is to go on the offensive and focus on communities where change is needed, so that fabric of reproductive freedom
becomes harder to tear apart.

The National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund PAC is a political action committee registered with the New York State Board of Elections. The NIRHAF PAC makes direct contributions to pro-choice candidates in New York State that have been endorsed through the NIRH Action Fund.