National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund PAC Applauds Progressive Mayor Across the State in their Victories in New York’s 2017 General Elections

November 8, 2017
Contact: Stephanie Reichin
E: [email protected]
C: 617.549.3745

NEW YORK, NY — Today, the National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH) Action Fund PAC proudly celebrates all of our endorsed pro-choice candidates on their New York general election victories. The election of these candidates helps ensure the security of progressive and proactive policies that safeguard reproductive freedom in the city and state of New York. This is particularly critical at a time when the Trump Administration continues to dismantle and restrict policies that affirm reproductive health, rights, and justice.

“As the federal government continues to restrict access to abortion, birth control, and affordable health care, I am pleased to say that New Yorkers have chosen to elect local leaders who will proudly stand up for, protect and advance reproductive freedom,” said NIRH Action Fund PAC President Andrea Miller. “Each of the winning candidates will become bulwarks against federal attacks on a woman’s ability to choose. From Albany to Buffalo to Long Island to New York City, each of these candidates will play an important role in continuing the state and city’s legacy of championing reproductive rights.”

The NIRH Action Fund PAC applauds the victory of reproductive health advocates like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who empowers women by fighting to protect the Affordable Care Act and combating the onslaught of attacks from the federal level by implementing progressive reproductive rights policies here in New York City. In addition, we would like to congratulate New York City Public Advocate Letitia James, who has been an enduring champion and thought leader for women, and New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer who called for the city’s Department of Education (DOE) to guarantee sexual education for all middle and high school students based on findings from a recent Comptroller report.

In the New York City Council race, the NIRH Action Fund PAC congratulates candidates – especially Justin Brannan, who fought a tough and tight race to represent Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and other newcomers to the Council Diane Ayala of the Bronx and Carlina Rivera, who will represent the east side of Manhattan.

In New York State, the NIRH Action Fund PAC Applauds victors Laura Curran for Nassau County Executive, George Latimer for Westchester County Executive, and in upstate New York, Mayor Kathy Sheehan of Albany, Mayor Byron Brown of Buffalo, and Mayor Lovely Warren of Rochester, who all ran successful campaigns and emerged victorious. We congratulate them on their achievement and thank them for their continued commitment to advancing reproductive rights. And across the state, voters handily rejected the Constitutional Convention, which the NIRH Action Fund opposed.

The NIRH Action Fund PAC congratulates the following endorsed candidates on their general election win. We look forward to working with all of the victors as fellow bulwarks against the federal government and as advocates for reproductive rights, implementing proactive and enlightened policies that safeguard and elevate women.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio (D)
NYC Public Advocate Letitia James (D)
NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer (D)
Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer (D)
Queens Borough President Melinda Katz (D)
Council District 1 Margaret Chin (D)
Council District 2 Carlina Rivera (D)
Council District 3 Corey Johnson (D)
Council District 4 Keith Powers (D)
Council District 5 Ben Kallos (D)
Council District 6 Helen Rosenthal (D)
Council District 7 Mark Levine (D)
Council District 8 Diana Ayala (D)
Council District 11 Andrew Cohen (D)
Council District 15 Ritchie Torres (D)
Council District 17 Rafael Salamanca (D)
Council District 21 Francisco Moya (D)
Council District 22 Costa Constantinides (D)
Council District 23 Barry Grodenchik (D)
Council District 24 Rory Lancman (D)
Council District 25 Danny Dromm (D)
Council District 26 Jimmy Van Bramer (D)
Council District 28 Adrienne Adams (D)
Council District 29 Karen Koslowitz (D)
Council District 31 Donovan Richards (D)
Council District 34 Antonio Reynoso (D)
Council District 38 Carlos Menchaca (D)
Council District 39 Brad Lander (D)
Council District 43 Justin Brannan (D)
Council District 46 Alan Maisel (D)
Council District 47 Mark Treyger (D)
Council District 49 Debi Rose (D)
Mayor of Albany  Kathy Sheehan (D)
Mayor of Buffalo  Byron Brown (D)
Mayor of Rochester  Lovely Warren (D)
Westchester County Executive George Latimer (D)
Nassau County Executive Laura Curran (D)



The NIRH Action Fund conducts nonpartisan advocacy and electoral engagement to advance reproductive freedom in states and cities across the country. The NIRH Action Fund PAC makes endorsements in New York State.