State Senate Must Return to Albany to Pass the Reproductive Health Act

Statement from Andrea Miller, President, National Institute for Reproductive Health

“New Yorkers have waited for more than forty years for the legislature to update our abortion laws. Now, with President Trump poised to reshape the Supreme Court and abortion access in extreme jeopardy, New Yorkers cannot wait any longer for the Senate to stand up for fundamental rights.  NIRH urges the New York State Senate to return to Albany to vote on the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) – as their colleagues in the Assembly have already done. The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) secures abortion rights in New York state law, bringing it in line with the standard of Roe v. Wade, and decriminalizes abortion. Abortion is not a crime and should not be treated as such by the laws of New York.

“In the face of increasingly hostile attacks on many of our freedoms, it’s more critical than ever that New Yorkers know exactly where their elected officials stand on ensuring access to abortion. New Yorkers deserve better than excuses and inaction from those elected to represent them. The Senate Majority should take a page from New York’s proud history and affirmatively protect abortion access before it is further eroded or eviscerated.”