Assembly Takes First Step Toward Improving Access to Contraception

Jan. 21, 2016
Contact: Christie Petrone, 646-520-3504, [email protected]

Insurance Committee Passes Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act

Statement from Andrea Miller, President, NARAL Pro-Choice New York:

“NARAL Pro-Choice New York applauds the Assembly Insurance Committee for passing the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act [A.8135], which would improve insurance coverage for a full range of birth control options for women, provide coverage for male contraceptive methods, enable up to 12 months of contraception at a time, and to allow pharmacists the ability to provide emergency contraception without a doctor’s visit through a non-patient-specific standing order. We especially thank Assembly member Kevin Cahill for sponsoring this bill and being a steadfast advocate for every New Yorker to be able to have affordable access to the health services and supplies they need to make their own reproductive health care decisions.

“Protecting the ability of New Yorkers to decide whether and when to have children is a core value in this state and central to women’s equality and economic security. Yet, gaps in insurance coverage, inconsistent access to coverage, and high co-payments remain, even in states like New York with overwhelming support for women’s health and rights.

“The Assembly has a strong history of support for the health of women and families, and we are proud to work alongside Assembly members to advance legislation that improves New York women’s access to contraception and makes it easier for them to prevent unintended pregnancy.”